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What is MoMP?

MoMP is a gizmo/framework designed to process motion data delivered by - for example - a wiimote. It features a modular design with makes it easy to write new interfaces for accelerometers (so called motion receivers) and new modules for motiondata processing and interpretation.

A gesture recognition module-chain consiting of a smoother, a direction-equivalence-filter and a hmm module is already implemented.

MoMP ist Open Source Software (released under LGPLv3) and hosted by

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MoMP is a modular, easy extensible sofware written in C++ and aimed at developers. It is a hybrid of framework and actual application for motion data processing (the source of the motion data can - for example - be a wiimote or SUN Spot).

The design is modular and thought to be extensible:

Although there exist solutions for gesture recognition using accelerometer devices (one of them being AGR), MoMPs approach is more general. The disjunction of motion receiving and processing makes it easy to adapt MoMP to your own needs. For example, if you want to use a different device to collect motion data, you just have to write one class and that's it. If you want to use neural nets instead of hmms for the gesture recognition, you will need to write one module and the work is done.

Why not call it MMP?

Because the name mmp is already taken at sourceforge - see for yourself.

Also, momp sound funny.


Litte is known about this, but you need at least:

Build Tools



Technically, you don't really need anything for this - you could use the random-motion-receiver as input, but then you wont have any control over the motion which will be processed. Anyway, this might help:


Not much here yet. In the meantime, check the doxygen-generated documentation: here.


No Release yet, but you can get the sourcecode via SVN. Look here for more information.